Madrigals | Dutch National Opera | May 2017


Since I’m doing the talent development traject of Dutch National Opera, last May I once again had the chance to assist an amazing director at a beautiful production: Pierre Audi‘s Madrigals.


Madrigals is a revival of the production from 2007. Only three full-length works from Monteverdi’s opera oeuvre have survived. By combining the individual works Il ballo delle Ingrate, Lamento d’Arianna and (my personal favorite) Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, further aspects of this early master are explored in Madrigals.
Once again Pierre Audi directed a cast of young singers. Christophe Rousset conducted his orchestra Les Talens Lyriques. The performances took place in the Scenery Atelier of Dutch National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

For me it was so incredibly instructive, informative and enlightening to see how all the factors of a such a young talent production work together: the elementary music of Monteverdi, working with young singers, the industrial vibe of the scenery atelier as a stage and last but not least the 1000% thought through regie of Pierre Audi. Every movement, every gesture means something and is part of a bigger regie, picture and storyline. Nothing, literally nothing is random. Meisje Barbara Hummel, first assistant at DNO, gave me quite some chances to work with individual singers. I loved that.

Again: crazy instructive. Tap link for full credits of team and cast. See below for press’ opions.



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