Musical Catwalk | Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra x Oorkaan | played June 10 2017

What about.. classical music for kids?


In this super sweet production, initiated by the Royal Concertgebouw, I assisted director Caecilia Thunnissen. Catwalk is all about playfully learning about the orchestra and its different types of instruments. Classical music is inhabited by the strangest creatures. In Ravel’s Ma mère l’oye, we hear Beauty and the Beast in conversation, and Tom Thumb and Sleeping Beauty also stop by. In Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker, all sorts of tiny figurines, including a sugarplum fairy, do a dance. And what colourful characters do we hear in Stravinsky? Daniele Gatti, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s new chief conductor, presents a colourful procession in this real-life fashion show of brilliant musical works.

The process of forming a piece in one month, taking different organizations into account, working a text for kids of 6 and older, with only two rehearsals with the full blown (and amazing) Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and maestro Daniele Gatti, I can only say waou! This has been whirlwindy cool to do, being impressed by the skills of actrice Maartje van de Wetering, the resoluteness of director Caecilia (whom I assisted) and dramaturge Erin Coppens. Super team to work with.

Check for full credits Oorkaan or the Royal Concertgebouw


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