all rise!

2016 | a new opera in two acts by Jan-Peter de Graaff | All Rise!

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Composer Jan-Peter de Graaff wrote his first opera, lasting 105 minutes, divided into two acts, on something that has intrigued him and me for the last couple of years: politics.

For All Rise! Jan-Peter formed a team of amazing talents including the librettist Yuri Robbers, conductor Andrea Gasperin, me as a director, scenographer Yannick Verwey, costume designer Mirte Kooi, producer Maite Catherine de Wit.

The cast included Georgi Sztojanov as Metaphrastes, Jannelieke Schmidt as Ivana, Jorne van Bergeijk as Giovanni, Jikke van der Velde as Johanna, Berend Eijkhout as Jean, Enikö Gösi as Genevieve, Erik Brinkhorst as Johnny and Vera Fiselier as Jane.

We performed All Rise! twice in De Regentes in The Hague – with support of Voordekunst and many other amazing institutions and individuals.

​Interested in All Rise! ? Please contact producer Maite de Wit

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